The Superclean Dreammachine site

Ad Visser (to the left)

This site is dedicated to Superclean Dreammachine, the legendary radio programme broadcast by the AVRO in the Netherlands in the 60s and 70s, presented by Ad Visser.

To get you in the mood, here is the theme music: As I Hear It by Beaver & Krause from the LP Ragnarök - Electronic Funk.

The main purpose of this site is to present a list of which albums he played when.

It was born out of frustration with all those old tapes I had with beautiful music, lots of which I never was able to identify, even though I searched and asked around and let other people hear it.
I've searched the Internet and found a lot, but not all; information on the net is hard to find, inconsistent, guesswork, etc.

The information that I did manage to gather is here. If people are as frustrated as I am, maybe it will be helpful. For the items that I have not been able to find, and you do recognise or remember anything, please come forward and help me out! Help me complete the list!

This is it so far, split up by year: 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980

And I've got a big list of albums I was told he played, but with no further information such as when, and I'd like to hear about it when you have more information.
And I desperately need your input, because official tapes of broadcasts are no longer available (to the best of my knowledge). Ad Visser does not have them and the old archives at the AVRO have long since been destroyed (although according to Ad it may well be that they have skipped a few, because it is anything but organized). So if you know of any tapes, even if they are only fragments, even if the quality is bad, don't hesitate and let me know.
By the way, a search on the website of Sound and Vision yields this result, with two Superclean Dreammachines, but I heard it's quite expensive to order copies of those archives, so I'm not going to try that just yet.

Then the unknown bits. Please note that these links are just short fragments for quick access. For the whole pieces, you should download the entire broadcasts from the appropriate year pages.

In 1968 Ad 's-Gravesande played a piece of De Levende Opjekten Sjooo, but which piece?

In 1969, Pierre Henry, or at least we think so, but which LP?

In 1974 the Moose Knuckle Groove Band, also instrumental.

In 1976 Ad said "the music of Jons Pistoor. Together with (..) Jos Hermeler. A production of Reinout Weidema. (..) Not available yet." But this music cannot be found. Am I not searching well enough? Listen here or go to for the whole piece.
Later that year, he played a piano that sounds like David Sancious.
Also in 1976, he started using new background sounds which he never mentioned, so I'd like to know where those came from too. this, this and this.

At the end of the 1979-09-24 show, he played this without mentioning anything about it.

Something unannounced on 1980-01-14, with lyrics, "Slip a little bit of it my way", but nothing that I can find or recognise.
On 1980-07-28, a track for which I wrote down musical journey, but I can't find anything that matches it. Can anybody help? On listening again, it sounds like Pere Ubu.

There are also some tapes where I haven't been able to identify anything at all, so I have no idea which years they're from. For instance, "My Way You Say", "Dogs (lost imagination)" and "Thema 4b".
Ideas anyone?

And tapes where I have been able to identify the artists and the LPs, but still no clue about when they were played (or in most cases, even 100% certainty that they were recorded from the ScDM at all). Manfred Mann's Earth Band, CMU, Kevin Ayers, Stonebolt, Climax Blues Band, Carsten Bohn's Bandstand, Earth and Fire, Casablanca and Asylum Choir.
See also the Unspecified page for the complete pieces.

Another weak point of Ad Visser is that he often neglected to identify live concerts. He just said things like "Hawkwind, live" and that was all. No mention of recording dates, places, whether the recordings were available on LP, etc. So I can use some help with those too. Do you know when and where these were recorded, what (if any) the names of the albums were etc?
Many of these concerts have been indentified already (see the Solved page), but these remain open: from 1968, The Spencer Davis Group and from 1974, Montrose.
Thanks in advance!

Oh, and if you can't help identify anything, that's OK too. Don't worry. Just browse the site, download the broadcasts, enjoy!