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This is a list of music that is no longer unknown. Thanks to the efforts of many people, we have solved a lot of mysteries already. But we're not done yet! See the Start page for questions that are still open, or browse the playlist on Youtube.

Broadcast Turned out to be
source: K groen cut 11972-12-18 at 51:13 (listen) Neil Young - Journey Through the Past, the track The "King of Kings" Theme.
source: F rood cut 11972-11-20 at 51:03 (listen) Focus - Focus 3, the track Anonymous Two.
1979-12-31 at 22:09 (Mott the Hoople, live) Shades of Ian Hunter (The Ballad of Ian Hunter & Mott The Hoople)
1980-05-05 at 02:49 (listen) SBB - Follow My Dream, the track Follow My Dream
Pentangle? Casablanca - Casablanca. Date is still not certain though.
"onweer" (listen) Ryuichi Sugimoto - The Arctic, the song Arctic Bolero (not from the ScDM)
1979-06-25 at 20:46 (instrumental) L.A. Express - Shadow Play, the song Mad Drums and Englishman
source: SCDM-16-02-1976.flac1976-02-16 at 47:07 (something vocal) Peter Michael Hamel - The Voice of Silence, the song Ego-Loss (Let the Red Buddha Amithaba Sweep You Along)
source: scdm-Peter-tape 15-kant2.mp31978-07-24? at 36:07 (something French) Atoll - Tertio, the song Gae Lowe (Le Duel)
source: scdm_-_51a-_fertig_192.mp31980-01-28 at 60:40 (listen) Jean Musy - Rendez-Vous Solitaire Avec la Musique, the track Mercredi 14 Février
was Band Mono 002 010 I Cant Go Back Onbekend scdm.mp31974? at 00:00 ("I Can't go Back") CMU - Space Cabaret, the song Dream
1969-12-14 at 00:07 (listen) Jean Guillou ‎– Visions Cosmiques (Improvisations Dédiées a l'Équipage d'Apollo 8), the song Icare
source: SCDM-14-06-1976.flac1976-06-21 in between songs (listen) Passport - Infinity Machine, the song Contemplation
source: SCDM-16-08-1976.flac1976-08-16 at 52:11 (listen) Soft Machine - Softs, the song Ban-Ban Caliban
1978-05-22 at 34:07 (listen) Kevin Ayers - Rainbow Takeaway, the song A View from the Mountain
1978-08-28 at 00:00 (listen) Osamu Kitajima - Osamu, the song Fur, Fin and Feather
source: scdm_mono_teil11-fertig-_128.mp31969-09-14? at 00:00 ("Here am I, still holding on") Poet and the One Man Band - Poet and the One Man Band, the song Light My Fire and Burn My Lamp
source: SCDM-02-08-1976.flac1976-08-02 at 52:22 (listen) The Tubes - Young and Rich, the song The Tubes World Tour
source: SCDM-16-08-1976.flac1976-08-16 at 52:11 (listen) Automatic Man - Automatic Man (A mix of ITD and Automatic Man)
source: Band 016 nnn onbekend code 998 scdm.mp31976-10-11 at 11:34 (something electronic) Klaus Schulze - Irrlight
source: scdm_-_52b_-_fertig_192.mp31980-04-28 at 13:40 (Oregon, live) Oregon in Performance
source: Band Mono 005 028-030 (…) scdm.mp31974-12-06? at 08:48 ("Lying here in the gutter") Groundhogs - Solid
source: Band Mono 005 028-030 (…) scdm.mp31974-12-06? at 12:22 (ELP?) Welcome Back my Friends, to the Show That Never Ends ~ Ladies and Gentlemen
1978-01-30 at 17:44 (Mink DeVille, live) Live at CBGB's
Listen Brand X - Unorthodox Behaviour. Date is still not certain though.
source: SCDM 11.mp3 cut 2 (04:52-), Band Mono 005 017-022 (..).mp31974-10-18? at 00:00 (listen) Gamma - Darts
Listen Mandré - Mandré Two from, probably, 1978-07-24.
Yes or Utopia Triumvirat - Illusions on a Double Dimple from 1974-10-25?
source: scdm_mono_teil11-fertig-_128.mp31969-08-17? at 13:27 (Circus) A test pressing by Circus; not officially released until 2002 on this Q65 anthology
"I always kept on burning the weed" Carsten Bohn's Bandstand - Humor Rumor. Date is still not certain though.
Unspecified Kraan - Flyday from 1979-02-19. See 1979.
"The Food of Love" David Sancious and Tone - Transformation (The Speed of Love) from source: Kant A.mp3+Kant B.mp31976-02-23
"We will rock you" Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat
1979-03-12 at 11:41 ("Shepherd") Janne Schaffer - Earmeal
listen The Reds - The Reds, probably broadcast 1979-08-13
"We've Been Waiting So Long" Rick Wakeman - Rhapsodies from the broadcast on 1979-05-14 (see 1979.)
1978-05-01 at 00:00 "Space" Quartz - Quartz; Chaos
source: SCDM 9.mp31974-09-03? at 00:00 (listen) Gryphon - Red Queen to Gryphon Three
source: Band Mono 003 nnn onbekend sinfo bhyt scdm1974-06-24? at 32:48 (Wishbone Ash, live) Wishbone Ash - Live Dates
source: SCDM 15.mp31975-01-17? at 00:00 ("Deodato") Wolfgang Schmid - Wolfhound
source: 20Aug1979.mp31979-08-20 at 00:00 (listen) Eberhard Schoener - Video-Magic
1978-08-07 at 24:45 ("Patrick Moraz") Patrick Vian - Bruits et Temps Analogues
1978-11-20 at 0:00 (Meat Loaf, live) Meat Loaf - Live at My Father's Place
source: scdm_mono_teil5_-fertig-_128.mp31969-08-10? at 24:21 ("titelloos") Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home (bootleg)
source: SCDM 17.mp31975-02-14? at 0:00 (listen) Hudson-Ford - Worlds Collide
1978-05-01 at 50:59 (listen) Charlie Mike Sierra - On the Moon
source: SCDM-Peter_tape_4_kant_2.mp31977-01-17 at 31:30 (listen) Klaus Schulze - Moondawn
source: scdm-Peter-tape 20-kant1.mp31976-01-05? at 0:00 (listen) Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind - Freedom is Frightening
source: SCDM 16.mp31975-01-?? at 0:00 (here and here) Todd Rundgren - Initiation
source: Band Mono 003 nnn onbekend sinfo bhyt scdm1974-06-24? at 0:00 (listen) Stray Dog - Stray Dog
1978-10-16 at 4:54 ("Goodnight") Radio Stars - Holiday Album; Goodnight
1979-08-27 at 29:00 (listen) Atlanta Rhythm Section - Champagne Jam
source: SCDM-Peter_tape_1_kant1.mp31977-07-25? at 38:35 (listen) Roy Buchanan - Loading Zone
source: tape 4b+01_-_scdm2mono1969_-_part3.mp3 cut 2+scdm_mono_teil6_-fertig-_128.mp3 cut 31968-11-20? at 00:00 (listen) Nirvana - All of Us
source: scdm-Peter-tape 16-kant1.mp31976-12-13? at 85:54 ("John McLaughlin") Narada Michael Walden - Garden of Love Light
source: SCDM 2 - 09 02 1976 and 16 02 1976.mp31976-02-16 at 05:44 (here) and 20:30 (here) Sahara - Sunrise
source: SCDM-Peter_tape_3_kant_1.mp31977-04-25? at 00:00 (listen) Glenn Phillips - Lost at Sea
source: SCDM-Peter_tape_4_kant_2.mp31977-02-28? at 00:04 (listen) Mac Gayden - Skyboat
source: 01_-_scdm2mono1969_-_part4.mp31968-09-04 at 00:02 (listen) The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band - Clip-Out, Put-On Book!
source: SCDM 1 - 02 02 1976.mp31976-02-09? at 35:53 (listen) Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior
source: SCDM 3 - 1976 1977 A.mp31976-12-20? at 00:00 (Alquin, live) Alquin on Tour
1978-02-20 at 19:18 (Little Feat, live) Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus
1978-11-20 at 25:47 (Jan Akkerman, live) Jan Akkerman - Live (Montreux Jazz Festival 1978)
source: scdm-Peter-tape 20-kant1.mp31976-01-05 Tape 1 at 05:18 (listen) Neu! - Neu!
one of the interstitial sounds The beginning of Gamma Ray by Birth Control
1979-07-30 at 19:38 (listen) Jade Warrior - Way of the Sun
1980-04-14 at 07:45 (listen) The Scratch Band - The Scratch Band
source: scdm-Peter-tape 12-kant1.mp31976-01-26? at 25:49 ("Mi Hali Cobur en Bencu") Omega - The Hall of Floaters in the Sky
source: scdm-Peter-tape 12-kant1.mp31976-01-26? at 17:48 (listen) Journey - Look into the Future
source: scdm-Peter-tape 12-kant1.mp31976-02-02? at 72:46 (listen) Deep Purple - Live on the BBC
source: tape 6a1969-09-21? at 00:29 (listen) Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking
source: N groen+N rood1973-07-02 at 11:00 (Genesis, live) Genesis - Live at Leicester, 1973-02-25 ⟦test pressing⟧
1980-09-15 at 07:35 (Hawkwind, live) Hawkwind - Live '79
1978-04-10 at 00:00 ("Heads of Glass") Eela Craig - Hats of Glass
Orig filename was SCDM-Peter_tape_4_kant_1.mp31977-09-12? at 28:12 (listen)
53:27 (listen)
Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer - Like Children
Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days
source: tape 7b+scdm_mono_teil11-fertig-_128.mp31970-01-25 at 15:10 ("Enta Omri") Umm Kulthum - Enta Omri
1978-05-08 at 00:00 (listen) Alan Stivell - Raok Dilestra (Before Landing)
source: scdm_mono_teil12-fertig-_128.mp3 cut 21970-06-07? at 00:00 (listen) The Who - Live at Leeds; My Generation
source: scdm_mono_teil11-fertig-_128.mp31969-09-14? at 06:26 (listen) Traffic - Last Exit; Feeling Good
source: 01_-_scdm3mono_1968_-_part4/3/1.mp31968-09-18 at 54:17 (listen) Blood, Sweat & Tears - Child is Father to the Man; I Can't Quit Her
source: scdm_mono_teil4_-fertig-_128.mp31968-11-27? at 00:00 (listen) Country Joe & The Fish - I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die
1977-12-26 at 29:54 (listen) Klaus Schulze - Moogetique; Moogetique
1979-07-09 at 00:10 ("Funk Brothers") Stanley Clarke - I Wanna Play for You
1978-10-02 at 17:53 ("Galaxie") Alain Markusfeld - Platock
source: scdm-Peter-tape 15-kant1.mp31978-07-03 at 67:10 (listen) Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant
1979-05-21? at 00:00 (listen) Sky - Sky
1980-03-24 at 52:58 (listen) François Bréant - Voyeur Extra-Lucide; We Ate the Zoo
1980-04-14 at 42:29
and 1980-04-28 at 53:20 (listen)
François Bréant - Voyeur Extra-Lucide: Danse Rituelle Talmouse
The theme tune 2 tracks from Beaver & Krause - Ragnarök (Electronic Funk): As I hear It and Circle X