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This website is dedicated to the Superclean Dreammachine, Ad Visser's legendary radio show on Hilversum 3 from the 1960s and 1970s. (Home)

If there are any changes, such as newly uploaded broadcasts, you can find them on this page.
I hope you find it useful. As always, you can email me if you have any comments.
scdm dot pim apetailtje gmail dot com

If anyone knows a good online record store, I'd be delighted, because as I wrote below, more and more links no longer work and I always have to look for new ones that do work. But now it turns out that there are fewer and fewer of those online sites left, at least sites that meet my requirements (they should be able to play at least fragments of the songs, they should have no problems with the W3C link checker, and they should automatically jump to the new address when a record's web address changes instead of saying the page doesn't exist).
If you know of such a website, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

A new broadcast: source: ScDm - The Orchestral Tubular Bells.flac1975-01-31? (date not certain) with Mike Oldfield. See 1975.
And one that is a lot more complete now: bron: T9CS-1ab+ScDm - Band 9 - deel 2.flac1980-09-08 also contains the ending, including the announcement by Ad Visser that the Machine was about to go away. See 1980.

We have identified an unknown, this one from 1972-11-27

turned out to be another track by Focus, one which strangely enough hadn't been recognised by Shazam and the like.
And this one from 1972-12-18

also came from the LP preceding it, by Neil Young. See 1972.
And I've got a somewhat longer version of source: Sc9C-1ab+ScDM - Band 13 - kant B.flac1978-11-13, that has fewer cuts. So you get more Ad Visser, but not more music. See 1978.

More new material is coming! Unfortunately we don't have exact dates for these, so we had to guess. To start, source: ScDm - Band 3 - kant A.flac1975-04-25? with Phil Manzanera and Camel, so if you know more about this I'd love to hear it.
And also, a live concert by Montrose that we already had, but that I had placed in 1974, turns out to be from 1975-06-27. This is thanks to more and more newspapers from the 20th century becoming available online! See 1975.

We have received a complete broadcast: source: AVRO-H3 1975 04 18 2200-2330 Ad Visser Superclean Dreammachine - Karel Prior 's Avond Laat.mp3 1975-04-18 with Kebnekajse and Hatfield and the North.

With the information now available to me, I was able to change the dates of some songs in 1969. So more songs are now correct. This may make it look like a new broadcast has been added, but that's just an optical illusion! Seriously, I don't have any new material unfortunately.
I do have a problem with Raga by Seventh Sons. We know it was played in November 1969 and March 1970, but neither was the whole record - that wouldn't fit. But I do have a recording of the entire record, so was it played a third time? Who knows may speak out.

No new material today, but I did find some new info; for example, I have more data about records played in 1975, only unfortunately without exact dates; see 1975. I also found the newspaper article that Ad mentioned in 1969, of which he said: yesterday. These are the things I like! So that recording used to be at 1969-08-10, but now it's 1969-08-03, because the article was dated August 2nd. See 1969. En last but not least, a photo of Ad 's-Gravesande from May 1968. The funny thing about this is that the caption reads “Super clean dream machine”, with lots of spaces. It was not standardized to “Superclean dreammachine” until June 19. See 1968.

And a mostly complete broadcast: source: E rood cut 31975-03-07 with String Driven Thing, Strawbs and Embryo. See 1975.

Then there's source: E rood cut 21975-02-28 with John Mayall and P.F.M., which we also had small parts of, shattered over different dates. But now everything has come together!
By the way, I noticed that the ScDM broadcasts between August and September 1975 were only 50 minutes long; from 22:05 to 22:55. At least, that's what the radio guides said. But almost all the recordings I have from those months are longer, up to 54 minutes even. What can be the cause of this?

And a new broadcast, one we didn't have pieces of already: source: E rood cut 11975-02-14 with Ramases, Man and Isotope.

Another broadcast: source: E groen cut 21975-02-07 with Stray Dog, Roy Buchanan and Can. We did have snippets of this one (that were on different dates though), but this is largely complete.
Speaking of other dates, I had to rip apart the material I first had on 1974-11-22? So Can ended up here, P.F.M. turned out to be from 1975-02-28, and then there are two fragments by Pink Floyd, I pinned these to 1975-01-10?, behind Gino Vannelli, but it remains guesswork.

And now we have source: E groen cut 11975-01-24 largely complete, with also The Eric Burdon Band and Link Wray; was only a small bit of King Crimson at first.

Here is a somewhat more complete version of source: SCDM 11.mp3+Band Mono 005 nnn onbekend * scdm.mp3+Band Mono 005 nnn wishbone ash * scdm.mp3+H rood1975-01-03 with Gamma and Wishbone Ash. We had this at 1974-10-18? at first, but that turned out to be not correct. The first one also contained a fragment by Gino Vannelli, but that didn't fit any more, so I tentatively moved that to 1975-01-10 (still not certain though).

And the last recording from 1974: source: H rood cut 11974-11-01? with Canarios. See 1974. Then I would say, happy New Year everyone, and see you in 1975!

And another partial recording: source: H groen cut 31974-09-16 with John Cale, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Devadip Carlos Santana & Turiya Alice Coltrane. See 1974.

A partial broadcast: source: H groen cut 21974-09-09 with Magma and Riff Raff.

Here is another new broadcast: source: D rood cut 21974-08-19 with Andy Mackay and Robert Calvert. Then 1974-08-26, which unfortunately is unlistenable to in quality. And we have source: H groen cut 11974-09-02 complete now, with also Wet Willie and Andy Fairweather Low; was only Edgar Froese originally.

Now a large part of source: D groen cut 11974-05-20 with Rick Wakeman and Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind.
And there are a number of recordings of bad quality, 1974-05-27, 1974-07-08? and the majority of 1974-08-05, so I'm not going to serve them to you. Only source: D rood cut 1the last bit of 1974-08-05 is worth listening to. What you can do is check on the 1974 page what records were played, and then you may be able to find this music elsewhere on the web.
And I needed to shuffle some recordings again; 1974-07-08? had Stray Dog at first, I moved that to 1975. And the one from 1974-08-05, to 09-02. and I saw there was something mentioned on 09-03?, but there wasn't even a broadcast then, so I moved that to 09-23?.

Another new broadcast: source: G rood cut 31974-05-06 met Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind en Hatfield and the North. And a longer version of source: G rood cut 41974-05-13 with Strawbs, Popol Vuh and Incredible String Band. (We had this on 1974-04-15? at first, but that was not correct). Sadly, the last part, precisely the part we didn't have before, is of a very bad quality. My apologies.

And a partial broadcast: source: G groen+G rood1974-04-22 with Van Morrison and Billy Cobham, as well as a whole broadcast: source: G rood cut 21974-04-29 with Captain Beefheart and Gong.

Here is just about an entire broadcast: source: G groen cut 31974-04-08 with something unknown, The Eleventh House with Larry Coryell and Frank Zappa.
If someone would be able to identify the unknown bit, that would be nice!

Then we continue with part of source: G groen cut 11974-03-25 with Lindisfarne.
And a whole broadcast: source: G groen cut 21974-04-01 with Leo Kottke and King Crimson.

A partial recording again: source: M rood cut 41974-02-25 with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Wallenstein. And a mostly complete recording: source: M rood cut 3+51974-03-18? with Hot Tuna, White Noise and Lou Reed.

Here is another complete recording: source: N rood cut 11974-02-04 with Bob Dylan, Back Door and Wishbone Ash. We already had the latter, we had assigned that to the 1974-06-24 broadcasts, but that wasn't right. So 1974-06-24 has now become shorter.
And the complete version of source: N rood cut 21974-02-18 with also Michael Chapman; was only Kraftwerk at first. That one had been mistakenly put on 1973-11-19.

Currently I am busy uploading more Superclean broadcasts to The advantage to this is that you can listen to the outlines online; At Mediafire nowadays, this is no longer possible and you must first download them before you can listen. And secondly, at Archive I noticed fewer problems with copyrights than at Mediafire!
All new recordings go to Archive now, and I have already done all existing reordings from 1968 and 1969.
If you like this - or if you dislike it - let me know!
By the way, I also made use of the opportunity to clean up things; For example, in the recording of 1970-01-25 was a part that didn't belong; I cut it out and moved it to 1969.
And I also have a partial broadcast: source: M groen cut 31974-01-14 with Jobriath and Riff-Raff, and an almost complete one: source: M groen cut 41974-01-21 with Rick Derringer, Passport and John McLaughlin.

I had to shuffle a bit with sound material from the early days, because it turns out that what I received was more fragmentary than I always thought. As a result, source: 01_-_scdm2mono1969_-_part2.mp3+tape 7a+tape 7b1969-11-02? is now supplemented with extra Canned Heat; was only Tim Buckley, Blue Cheer, The Hour Glass and The Family Dogg at first. See 1969.
And here's a whole new broadcast: source: M groen cut 21974-01-07 with Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre, Gentle Giant and Popol Vuh.

Because of the bad news, and because it's Sinterklaas tooday, here are three complete broadcasts: source: F rood cut 21973-12-03 with The Who, source: F rood cut 31973-12-17 with Jan Akkerman and The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and source: M groen cut 11973-12-31 with Atomic Rooster, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Eric Clapton. See 1973.

One of the large tapes with ScDM broadcasts I received this year turns out to have deteriorated to the point where the sound is no longer of an enjoyable quality. These are the broadcasts of 22 october and 13, 20 and 27 November. What you can do is check on the 1973 page what records were played, and then you may be able to find this music elsewhere on the web.
If I ever get my hands on good recordings of these broadcasts, you'll be the first to know!
There already was a broadcast for 11-19, but its date was a guess then, and I have had to remove it to 1974.

Now we've got a somewhat longer version of source: 73-10-08-13-Spirogyra; Hawkwind.mp3+N rood1973-10-08 with Spirogyra and Hawkwind.
And a new broadcast: source: J groen cut 11973-10-15 with Bryan Ferry, Rick Grech en Eric Clapton. Unfortunately, the quality of this recording leaves a bit to be desired, particularly during Eric Clapton. See 1973.

A new broadcast: source: N rood cut 31973-09-17 with The Siegel-Schwall Band, Frank Zappa and the Mothers and Tomorrow's Gift. We did have a broadcast here, but its date turned out to be incorrect, so I had to move that one to 1973-09-10.

Here is a more complete version of source: M groen+N rood1973-07-02 with also Seals & Crofts, Camel and Uriah Heep; was only Genesis at first. And a more complete recording of source: N rood cut 21973-07-16 with also Roger McGuinn; was only Steve York's Camelo Pardalis and Santana & McLaughlin at first. By the way, these broadcasts were misdated originally; these new dates are correct! See 1973.

And a complete broadcast: source: M groen cut 31973-06-18? with Flo & Eddie, Bob Seger and Genesis. The Genesis concert is mostly the same as the one on 1973-04-23, by the way.

Yet another broadcast: source: M groen cut 21973-06-11? with Nicky Hopkins, John Martyn and Genesis.

Another new broadcast: source: M groen cut 11973-06-04 with Curved Air, Flo & Eddie and Uriah Heep.

Another complete recording: source: I rood cut 41973-05-28 with Spooky Tooth, Quintessence and The Groundhogs. We already had the bit with Spooky Tooth, but we didn't know what date that was until now.

A complete recording again: source: I rood cut 31973-05-21 with Yes. May contain traces of ads.

And a complete broadcast: source: I rood cut 21973-05-14 with Robin Trower, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Rick Wakeman.

Then we'll continue with source: I rood cut 11973-05-07 with Stephen Stills / Manassas, Gnidrolog and Jefferson Airplane.

Another one with an uncertain date: source: K rood cut 41973-02-05? with JSD Band, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Stealers Wheel and The Flying Burrito Bros.

This one we're not sure of what the exact date is, but this fits: source: K rood cut 31973-01-29? with Randy California, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Free and Panthéon.
Unfortunately there are some noises in this recording, particularly in the second half.

And the last one from 1972: source: C rood1972-10-16 with Family, Ellis and Stone the Crows. See 1972.

Some more material from 1972 turned up, so here is a more complete version of source: P rood+C groen1972-10-02 that also has Freddy King en Pink Floyd, and a whole new one: source: C groen cut 21972-10-09 with Jimi Hendrix, Earth Opera, Arthur Lee and Black Sabbath.

And another one: source: K rood cut 21973-01-22 with Hawkwind, Jade Warrior and REO Speedwagon. See 1973.

Another new broadcast: source: K groen+K rood1973-01-15 with Joe Cocker, Al Kooper, Fuchsia and Matching Mole.

And again, namely source: K groen cut 31973-01-08 with West, Bruce & Laing, Frank Zappa & The Mothers and The J. Geils Band.

Here's one from 1973: source: K groen cut 21973-01-01 with London Symphony Orchestra a.o..

And we found part of the broadcast of source: P rood cut 31972-10-02, the first broadcast on Monday evenings, with Chicago and The Kinks.
And that's it as far as 1972 is concerned, but maybe we'll get some recordings from other years some day…

A new broadcast: source: K groen cut 11972-12-18 with Elephant's Memory, Uriah Heep, Vinegar Joe, Neil Young and something unknown.
Again, if someone would be able to identify the unknown bit, that would be nice!

There's another one: source: P rood1972-12-11 with Malo, John Mayall en Deep Purple.

And another one: source: P groen+P rood1972-12-04 with Crazy Horse, Jim Price, Jefferson Airplane, Barclay James Harvest and Grand Funk Railroad.
Warning: there are noises in the audio during BJH, from 25:00 to 32:00. My apologies.

Here is another new broadcast: source: P groen1972-11-27 with Halfnelson (a.k.a. Sparks), Moody Blues, Focus and something unknown.
If you would be able to identify the unknown bit, that would be wonderful!

And we just keep going: source: F rood cut 11972-11-20 with Wild Turkey, Seanor & Koss and It's a Beautiful Day.

Now we have a large part of source: M groen1972-11-13 with Ten Years After, Home and Santana.

Yet another new broadcast: source: O rood1972-11-06 with The Allman Brothers Band, The Nice and Geronimo Black.
Warning: from 40:22 onwards this recording is of poor quality. Unfortunately we don't have a solution for this.

Another new broadcast: source: O groen1972-10-30 with Genesis, Jan Akkerman and Lindisfarne.

A whole new broadcast: source: O groen1972-10-23 with Budgie and Mott the Hoople.

We received some more material for a couple of broadcasts, so source: + scdm_mono_teil6_-fertig-_128.mp31969-06-22? is now 11 minutes longer and source: 03 Thema 03.mp31979-01-08 is 4 minutes longer. Neither of them are fully complete though. See 1969 and 1979 respectively.

And now we have source: L rood (3).mp3+73-03-xx-05-Electric Light Orchestra; Gong.mp31973-04-02? complete, with extra Bruce Springsteen; was only Electric Light Orchestra and Daevid Allen and Gong before. This had 1973-03-19 for a date at first, erroneously. See 1973.

And another one: source: L rood (2).mp3+L rood (3).mp31973-03-26 with The Byrds, Procol Harum, Grateful Dead and The Pink Fairies.

A new broadcast: source: L rood (1).mp3+L rood (2).mp31973-03-19 with Pink Floyd and Soft Machine.

source: L groen (3).mp3 cut 21973-03-12 we now also have in full. (It used to say 1973-03-05, but it wasn't.) Featuring Ursa Major, Ken Hensley and Derek & The Dominos; used to be just Derek & The Dominos.

I now have the broadcast of 1973-02-26 on another site, so hopefully you can access it: source: L groen (2).mp31973-02-26. Could you let me know if you're having issues there as well?
And I got a piece of music from someone who's sure it's from the Machine, but doesn't know what it is. Can anyone help identify this?

or visit the Unspecified page to download the entire song.

And now we have source: L groen (2).mp3+L groen (3).mp31973-03-05 also in full. (Originally located on 1972-11-20?, but that was incorrect.) With Tempest, Patto and Mahavishnu Orchestra; was only Patto at first. Hopefully it can be downloaded!

I would have loved to present you with a new broadcast: 1973-02-26 with Rory Gallagher, Sutherland Brothers and Richie Havens. However, the storage site where I keep these files reports that there is a problem with the copyright and you can't download it.
If anyone knows a solution to this, I'd love to hear it! I've searched for storage sites specifically for old radio broadcasts, but so far without success.
In the meantime, I also found out that some of the broadcast dates in 1972 and 1973 were different from what I've assumed so far (until now those dates were guesswork), so I've adjusted those and now they are all correct!

Thanks to the combined effort of a number of people, for which my gratitude, we now have source: 73-03-xx-06-Beck, Bogert & Appice; Man.mp3+L groen (1).mp31973-04-09 complete. (Note: This used to say 1973-03-26?, but that was not correct.) With extra King Crimson, more of Man and Gentle Giant.

Finally we received some new audio. Not much, just two minutes, but we're thankful for everything! It concerns a piece by Lord Sutch from the 1970-03-15 broadcast. We already had 34 minutes of this, so it's now 36 minutes. You can download it source: Lord Sutch plus proclamation 01 .mp3+scdm_mono_teil6_-fertig-_128.mp3 cut 1here.

A request. Are there people who are able (and willing) to digitize open-reel tapes? I got another offer from someone to take over his old tapes with ScDM material, but as I don't have a tape recorder myself, I can't do anything with that.
So if anyone has a tape recorder, and has the time and inclination to digitise those tapes, let me know, at scdm dot pim at gmail dot com, then we can arrange something.
Thanks in advance!
We also received more info, so 1972 and 1975 have more LPs listed, but as far as audio material is concerned, we have to wait for those big tapes.

It's hard to believe, but we have received new audio! source: Band 1b1976-06-14 is now complete. We only had 10 minutes of this one, with just Wigwam, but now Patrick Moraz as well. See 1976.
Meanwhile, it turns out that a lot of links to the original music in the record stores no longer work. And it's a lot of work to keep up with all that. So if you come across such a broken link, I would appreciate if you could try to find a working page for the record. Preferably one with listenable fragments. Thanks in advance!

Some more information from 1974. But unfortunately, no new audio again. Maybe I should put together some audio myself.
I increasingly disliked the fact that some pages of this site were in Dutch and others in English, so I split those up. The Dutch version is now available at and the English version at Hope this looks a bit more professional.

Rreceived a lot of new information; from 1968 new info was added on August 21 and October 2. Unfortunately no new audio; as is so often the case, the tapes have been lost over time.
We also managed to identify one of the unknowns again: this one

was Casablanca - Casablanca. Unfortunately, we don't know yet which broadcast, only that it was in 1973 or later.

Do you know what we completely forgot last year? The fiftieth anniversary of the Machine! The first broadcast was on May 15, 1968.
We could have done something nice for that. Too bad. But anyway, congratulations on your fifty-first!

Finally some new material.
A live performance by Montrose sometime in the summer of 1974. I put it down on July 22, but that's a guess. If anyone has more information about this, please let me know. source: 01 Rock the nation.mp3, etc 1974-07-22? See 1974.
(Incidentally, I had this one for a while, but I hadn't got around to putting it up. My apologies.)

We waited a long time, but we still occasionally receive new material.
A big chunk of source: Superclean Dream Machine (1978-12-04).wav 1978-12-04 with Ambrosia, Parliament and Bob Marley. In mono, but that shouldn't spoil the fun! See 1978.
Second, we already had it almost complete, but now in full, source: tape 1977-06-27 with Ashra. This is complete, from start to finish, without breaks halfway where the cassette was turned over etc. For those who want to get the most out of it. See 1977.
And finally we solved another unknown, this instrumental piece at the end of 1979-06-25

was the song Mad Drums and Englishman from LA Express - Shadow Play.

No new material this time, but a lot of new information about records played in 1968. There are still more people who have kept old notebooks with songs broadcast! See 1968.
There are also more and more requests to mention the titles of played songs on the site. I thought that was not so important, because that information is also in the MP3s of the broadcasts (in the "comment" field), and those titles are only relevant if you are actually listening! But there is a demand for it, so now I have included those titles. Click the "Show song titles" link.

A completely new broadcast, an oldie this time: 1968-10-16 presented by Ad 's-Gravesande. And I say a whole new broadcast, but we had already heard part of it; 4 songs of this also appeared on the tape that I had on October 23. So that band turned out to consist of parts of different dates; I have since removed the duplicate numbers from there.

Now we have a better version from 1978-04-03 with Patti Smith and Jethro Tull. No more music, but less has been cut, so you can hear Ad Visser in its full glory here. (He recites the lyrics of Heavy Horses .) In the meantime we have solved two unknowns: the one from 1976-02-16

was the song Ego-Loss by Peter Michael Hamel, from the LP The Voice of Silence. And this from 1978-07-24

was Gae Lowe (Le Duel) from Atoll, from the LP Tertio .

There I am again in the new year, and I got a much more complete performance from 1978-03-20 with Wreckless Eric and Frank Zappa (was only Wreckless Eric at first). Until recently I thought this would be the tape Ad Visser got from Zappa himself, from a live concert that never appeared on record, but it turns out to be the 1977 LP Zappa in New York. Then I ask so I wonder in which broadcast the tape in question was heard.

Now we have a much longer version from 1978-03-13 with Tangerine Dream too; was only Jim Capaldi at first.

And a more complete version from 1978-02-27 with Kate Bush and Be Bop Deluxe.

Complete version of 1978-02-13 with Kevin Coyne and Edgar Froese, also with the voice of Ad Visser, but not much more music.

Now the complete 1978-02-06 with Gerry Rafferty and The Intergalactic Touring Band. (Not that much longer than what we already had, but it is of better quality.)

And here we are again, we now have the complete second Punk Hour. 1978-01-30.

Also a more complete version from 1978-01-16 with Space and Joni Mitchell.

Now we have a slightly better version from 1978-01-09 with Tom Waits and The Babys. (Not much more music though.)

And also a complete version from 1978-01-02 with Blow Out and Kayak.

As well as a much more complete version from 1977-12-19 with also Brian Eno; was only Richard Hell at first. See 1977 .

Also a virtually complete version from 1977-11-28 with John Cale, Colosseum II and Ultravox!

And a more complete version of 1977-11-21 with Gary Wright and Popol Vuh.

Now a better and much longer version of 1977-11-07 with Tangerine Dream.

Better execution of the 1977-10-31 broadcast with Gentle Giant.

Now we have a new version from 1977-10-17 with Solution and Jan Akkerman. We already had this almost completely, but now it is really complete, including all announcements from Ad, and in better quality.

After a long wait, there is one again: 1977-10-10 with Lol Creme & Kevin Godley.

In the meantime a number of unknown fragments have also been identified; see the "Solved" page.
The interesting thing about this is that one of the fragments (Jean Guillou), which was recognized by both Shazam and SoundHound, is a piece that was never released on CD, let alone as an online download, so I'm curious how those services were able to recognize it. Do those services know something I don't know?
Anyway, but there are still enough fragments that are still unknown, see the playlist on YouTube. I'd say, listen to it again; who knows.

Now again a whole new one: 1977-10-03 with Dwight Twilley Band and David Bowie.

And a longer version from 1977-09-26 with David Bowie; was only Vangelis and Steve Hillage at first.

Now a longer version from 1977-09-19 with also Herbie Hancock; was only Bob Johnson & Peter Knight at first. Note that Herbie Hancock's piece was already there; I had it on July 11 before I knew it didn't fit there. So in that respect not much has been added; but this is better quality.

A whole new one: 1977-09-12 with Iggy Pop, Ian Hunter and Lone Star. Now I had The Cure on this date with Seventeen Seconds, but I don't really know why that was. That record was only released in 1980 and was played by Ad on April 14 of that year. Sorry for any confusion.

A complete version from 1977-09-05 with also Jean-Luc Ponty; was only Eric Carmen at first.

Another new tape in: 1977-08-29 with Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat and Camel.

Another new tape in; unfortunately only a little bit this time: 1977-08-22 with Gentle Giant and Tony Scott ft Jan Akkerman.

A new broadcast. 1977-08-15 : Punk Hour with The Ramones, The Clash, The Boys, The Jam, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Johnny Moped, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Unwanted and the Sex Pistols.

A longer run from 1977-08-08 with Barclay James Harvest and Stomu Yamash'ta. Now I also saw that the previous two broadcasts that I had uploaded to MediaFire were not downloadable, because MediaFire thought it was copyrighted. That is why I have now uploaded them to another storage site where they can be downloaded: 1977-07-25 and 1977-08-01. Have fun with it!

A whole new one: 1977-08-01 with Grateful Dead and Rainbow.

From the following I received the first twelve minutes. However, we already had a large part of this, so with some cutting and pasting I managed to make almost a whole broadcast of it. 1977-07-25 with Larry Coryell / Alphonse Mouzon, Roy Buchanan and Tangerine Dream. However, this is another case of only for those who want it as complete as possible; so it is no more music than there was, only more Ad.

Now a more complete version from 1977-07-18 with Graeme Edge Band and Yes. Again not much more than we already had, but with Ad's announcement of Yes on it.

And again a new one: 1977-07-11 with Widowmaker and Steve Winwood.

Another whole new: 1977-07-04 with Alan Parsons.

A new one: 1977-06-27 with Ashra.

Now we have a new version from 1977-06-20 with John Cale and Philip Glass. No longer, but in better quality.

We have a completely new one: 1977-06-13 with Adrian Wagner and Pekka. Meanwhile, newly arrived info shows that the two MP3s I had put on 1977-07-11 don't fit there either. That's about Woody Woodmansey's U-boat and Herbie Hancock live. So they are no longer listed on the page for 1977, but if I know more about that, they will come back, and then on the right date. (You can still download them here and here. But you probably already had them.)

There is the longer version from 1977-06-06, with more Anthony Phillips and much more Klaus Schulze in between.

A longer version from 1977-05-23 with only Klaus Schulze. Now on this date there were first two recordings, which I had received from different sources, and which I had assumed to belong together, but that was not the case: the second part turned out to be from 6 June. That's why I had to postpone some other dates, and I hope it is that good. Otherwise I have to move again soon!

A better version from 1977-05-16 with Klaatu and jean-Michel Jarre. Note: for the sake of honesty, there is not much more on this than the MP3 we already had; only here are the announcements from Ad in between. So for those who want it as complete as possible!

A longer version from 1977-05-09 with more Tubes and also Bob Marley. Now, however, we are not sure whether this is as the broadcast actually sounded; on the tape was first Bob Marley and then The Tubes, but that seemed like it was two broadcasts, and that does not fit. If anyone has more definitive information, I'd love to hear it! You can hear the original cut here.

And a longer version from 1977-05-02 with Klaus Schulze and much more Horslips.

Another whole new one: 1977-04-25 with Cheap Trick and Weather Report. And in the meantime an unknown piece has been solved: the first half of this from 1976-08-16 was Ban-Ban Caliban from Soft Machine, from the LP Softs that was played by Ad not long after. So I could have known, because I already had that recording. Oh well.