nl.gif NederlandsSuperclean Dreammachine broadcasts in 1980
From January until September, Mondays between 21:02 and 22:00

1979 ←


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The majority of the albums can still be purchased via online shops like qobuz.com; I've included a link to the appropriate pages in those cases. If not, I have tried to find pages about the albums that give the most information. If you have more information than is presented here (such as broadcast dates for the ones I'm not sure of), or if you notice something wrong with the information, please let me know.

Many of the broadcasts can be downloaded, by clicking on the dates. These are not professional recordings though; they were taped from radio by me and others, and they are of varying quality, incomplete, or were edited or re-recorded later to remove Ad Visser's voice in between the music.
If you happen to have tapes that aren't presented here, or you find links that don't work any more, please contact me too. I can use all the feedback I can get!

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Album(s) played Comments
55 min
Steve Howe - The Steve Howe Album
All's a Chord Concerto in D 2nd Movement Double Rondo

Jean Musy - Rendez-Vous Solitaire Avec la Musique
Lundi 5 Février
20 min
Bob Welch - The Other One
Rebel Rouser Love Came 2× Watch the Animals Straight Up (begin)

Machiavel - Urban Games
The Dictators
← Please help identify! Listen here.
44 min
Phil Daniels + the Cross
Penultimate Person

Heldon - Stand By
Une Drôle de Journée Bolero Stand By
and fragments of Cosmic Jokers - Galactic Supermarket
source: scdm_-_51a-_fertig_192.mp31980-01-28
62 min
The Rousers - A Treat of New Beat
Magazine Girl Back Off The Rock What a Way to Go

Jon and Vangelis - Short Stories
Curious Electric Love Is / One More Time I Hear You Now The Road Far Away in Baagad Each and Everyday / Bird Song Thunder A Play Within a Play
And a fragment by Jean Musy; see 1980-01-07
48 min
Lene Lovich - Flex
Wonderful One The Freeze

Kim Fowley - Snake Document Masquerade
1985: Physical Lies 1986: Snake Document Masquerade 1988: Searching for a Human in Tight Blue Jeans 1989: Waiting Around for the Next Ten Years 1980: Run for Your Life 1981: Black Christmas 1983: Don't Feed the Animals 1984: The Saga of Hugo X 1985: Physical Lies

Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station
Terrapin Station
43 min
Lee Clayton - Naked Child
I Ride Alone 10,000 Years / Sexual Moon Wind and Rain If I Can Do It (So Can You)

The Flying Lizards - The Flying Lizards
Her Story TV (begin) Russia Summertime Blues [fragm] Money [fragm] The Flood The Window

Simple Minds - Real to Real Cacophony

The Flying Lizards - The Flying Lizards
Trouble (2×)
33 min
Mike Rutherford - Smallcreep's Day
Moonshine Between the Tick and the Tock Working in Line After Hours Cats and Rats (In This Neighbourhood) Smallcreep Alone Out Into the Daylight At the End of the Day Overnight Job
source: scdm_-_51b-_fertig_192.mp31980-02-25
61 min
John Foxx - Metamatic
Plaza Underpass No-one Driving Touch and Go Tidal Wave Blurred Girl

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
When I See Mommy I Feel Like a Mummy Apes-Ma [fragm] Owed T'Alex Apes-Ma (fragm, etc) Love Lies Suction Prints Tropical Hot Dog Night
1980-03-03 Joan Armatrading
Flairck - Gevecht met de Engel
source: scdm_-_53b_-_fertig_192.mp31980-03-10
57 min
Wreckless Eric - Big Smash
There Isn't Anything Else Semaphore Signals Out of the Blue Can I Be Your Hero?

Vangelis Papathanassiou - Opera Sauvage
Hymne Rêve L'Enfant Mouettes Chromatique Irlande Flamants Roses
38 min
James Chance & The Contortions
Arthur Brown / Vincent Crane - Faster Than the Speed of Light
Storm Clouds Nothing We Can Do No Bright Gateway Timeship Come and Join the Fun Stormwind Storm Faster Than the Speed of Light This Is It
Only contains Brown & Crane
source: T6S-2ab[http 1980-03-24]
53 min
Urban Verbs - Urban Verbs
The Only One of You Luca Brasi

Robert Schröder - Harmonic Ascendant
Harmonic Ascendant Future Passing By The Day After X

François Bréant - Voyeur Extra-Lucide
We Ate the Zoo [fragm]

← unannounced
16 min
The Planets - Goonhilly Down
Break It to Me Gently Secret Ball and Chain I'm on Fire Too Late
source: Superclean_Dreammachine.mp31980-04-07
51 min
Hi Fi - Towns and Bars
Towns and Bars (Hifi Woman) Just like Johnny Movie Condition

Winds of Change - Illusions
Evans & Hanselmann - Stonehenge
Sunrise - Stonehenge Theme Salisbury Plain The Stones of Avebury Earth Magic Silbury Hill Genesis Glastonbury, Temple of the Stars Cadbury Castle, King Arthur's Camelot [fragm]
Some sources say 1979-04-16 for this tape, but
that's not right; 1980-04-07 is definitely correct.
11 min
The Tapes - Party
Inside Out (I Fall) Head first

The Cure - Seventeen Seconds
François Bréant - Voyeur Extra-Lucide
Danse Rituelle Talmouse
(doesn't contain The Cure)
partially from scdm_-_52a-_fertig_192.mp31980-04-21
55 min
The Movies - India
Casablanca Have Another Body India

Patrick Moraz - Future Memories (Live on TV)
Metamorphosis Eastern Sundays Black Silk
source: scdm_-_52b_-_fertig_192.mp31980-04-28
57 min
Far Cry - The More Things Change...
The Hits Just Keep On Comin' Eldorado Escape Some Things Will Never Change

Oregon in Performance
Wanderlust Icarus Deer Path Waterwheel Buzzbox

François Bréant - Voyeur Extra-Lucide
Danse Rituelle Talmouse
53 min
Anthony More - Flying Doesn't Help
Judy Get Down Ready Ready Useless Moments Lucia Caught Being in Love Time Less Strange Girl It's Your Time [fragm] War Just Us Twilight, Uxbridge Road

Carlsberg - Cash & Carry

Sniff and the Tears - The Game's Up
What Can Daddy Do Night Life Rodeo Drive
and fragments by Minny Pops, SBB
52 min
Alda Reserve - Love Goes On
Pain Is Mine Ancient Lies Love Goes On Dressed for Love

The Scratch Band - The Scratch Band
When We Dance Wonder Don't Go No Further Prisoner of Romance Last Song Rock 'n' Roll Love Letter Make it Better Danny and Laura One Night (for Eddie)
Orig filename was scdm-Peter-tape 25.mp31980-05-19?
18 min
Devo - Freedom of Choice
Whip It

Steel Pulse - Caught You (?)
Can - Future Days
Future Days

Echo & The Bunnymen - Crocodiles

Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot
Big Eyed Beans from Venus
Doesn't contain Steel Pulse
Other tracks may not be from the ScDM.

15 min
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bass Culture
Bass Culture Street 66 Two Sides of Silence Reggae Sounds
1980-06-02 Sumner - Sumner
Dynamite Hot Night

The Monochrome Set - Strange Boutique
← Not sure, please help confirm

54 min
Flash and the Pan - Lights in the Night
Media Man Welcome to the Universe

Suicide - Second Album
Harlem Be Bop Kid Las Vegas Man Shadazz Dance Diamonds, Fur Coats, Champagne Mr Ray Sweetheart Touch Me Fast Money Music Touch Me
54 min
Stanley Clarke - Rocks, Pebbles and Sand
All Hell Broke Loose Rocks, Pebbles and Sand The Story of a Man and a Woman

Al Di Meola - Splendido Hotel
Alien Chase on Arabian Desert Isfahan Silent Story in Her Eyes Roller Jubilee
45 min
Distractions - Nobody's Perfect
Waiting for Lorraine Looking for a Ghost Paracetamol Paralysis

Steve Hackett - Defector
The Steppes Time to Get Out Slogans Leaving Two Vamps as Guests Jacuzzi Hammer in the Sand The Toast The Show Sentimental Institution
13 min
The Motels - Careful
Days are O.K. (But the Nights Were Made for Love) Whose Problem? People, Places and Things Slow Town

Jon Hassell & Brian Eno - Fourth World vol.1: Possible Musics
Rising Thermal 14° 16' N; 32° 28' E Griot (Over "Contagious Magic")
source: B9S-1a+Scdm-Peter-tape 13-kant1.mp31980-07-14
52 min
Iron City Houserockers - Have a Good Time But... Get Out Alive!
Have a Good Time But… Get Out Alive!

Accept - I'm a Rebel
I'm a Rebel

Klaus Schulze - ...Live...
Bellistique Sense
19 min
Iain Matthews - Spot of Interference
No Time at All (See How They Run) See Me

Peter McIan - Playing Near the Edge
It's Only Love Playin' Near the Edge

Ashra - Belle Alliance
Code Blue
The Ians are coming!
(doesn't contain Vangelis)
42 min
Jim Capaldi - The Sweet Smell of Success

Peter C. Johnson - Peter C. Johnson (1980)
James White and the Blacks - Off White
Contort Yourself Stained Sheets (Tropical) Heat Wave Almost Black (full version; later became parts 2 and 1) Bleached Black


← Please help identify! Listen here
54 min
Athletico Spizz 80 - Do a Runner
Energy Crisis Airships

Robert Fripp - God Save the Queen / Under Heavy Manners
Red Two Scorer God Save the Queen 1983 Under Heavy Manners The Zero of the Signified
and a tiny fragment by Jad Fair (off Darker Skratcher; see below)
45 min
Jethro Tull - A
Fylingdale Flyer Working John - Working Joe Black Sunday Crossfire

Dalek I Love You - Compass kum'pəs
Freedom Fighters We're All Actors Heat Missing 15 Minutes The Kiss Trapped Two Chameleons Destiny (Dalek I Love You)
18 min
Various artists - Darker Skratcher
Boyd Rice and Daniel Miller - Cleanliness and Order
Vetza - Stale Puppy-Dog Tails
Monitor - Guardian

Chrome - Red Exposure
Electric Chair

Various artists - Darker Skratcher
Dennis Duck - Davey the Worm
Le Forte Four - The Lowest Form of Music

Brian Eno - Discreet Music
Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel - French Catalogues Discreet Music
41 min
The Cars - Panorama
Panorama Misfit Kid Down Boys You Wear Those Eyes

Yellow Magic Orchestra - ×∞ Multiplies (European)
Snakeman Show (Jingle "Y.M.O.") Nice Age Computer Game - Theme from "The Circus" [fragm] Multiplies Snakeman Show (Japan is #1) Citizens of Science Tighten Up [fragm] Technopolis Absolute Ego Dance

Do you understand, Mr. Ohira? Do you understand?
source: T9CS-1ab+ScDm - Band 9 - deel 2.flac1980-09-08
54 min
Clive Langer & the Boxes - Splash
Splash (A Tear Goes Rolling Down) Hope and Glory

Mi-Sex - Space Race
Space Race Burning Up Ice Cold Dead

Francis Monkman - Energism
The Dawn of an Era (Realisation of Unlimited Possibility) The Endurance of Man (Expenditure of Energy) Perpetual Motion (Unceasing Energy) (+ Alternate Cut Off End) The Achievements of Man (The Determination to Achieve Great Heights) (+ Alternate Tail End) Man & Superman (The Endless Turmoil) Man & Superwoman (Power with a Feline Structure) Female of the Species (A Study in the Female Infra-structure) The Ascent of Man (The Within Us)

Irene Papas - Odes
And announcement that ScDM is going away
23 min
Navel - S.O.B. and Other Stories
Miss Jeckyll

David Bowie - Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
Teenage Wildlife

Robert Schröder - Harmonic Ascendant
Harmonic Ascendant Future Passing By The Day After X

Hawkwind - Live Seventy Nine
Motorway City Spirit of the Age
32 min
Nasmak Plus Instruments - Instruments Plus Nasmak
Pig Problems

Supertramp - Paris (live)
Breakfast in America You Started Laughing Hide in Your Shell Long Way Home The Logical Song Crime of the Century School
and a bit of Ashra - Correlations
31 min
Gary Numan - Telekon
This Wreckage Telekon The Joy Circuit

Synergy - Games
Eberhard Schoener - Events
Events: À la Recherche du Temps Perdu Inversion

Only contains Gary Numan and Eberhard Schoener