nl.gif NederlandsSuperclean Dreammachine broadcasts in 1978
Mondays between 20:05 and 21:00; from 2 October between 17:03 and 18:00; 11 and 18 December between 17:06 and 18:00
No broadcast on 25 December, although there was “De Kerstplatenkeus van Ad Visser”

1977 ←


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The majority of the albums can still be purchased via online shops like dodax.nl; I've included a link to the appropriate pages in those cases. If not, I have tried to find pages about the albums that give the most information. If you have more information than is presented here (such as broadcast dates for the ones I'm not sure of), or if you notice something wrong with the information, please let me know.

Many of the broadcasts can be downloaded, by clicking on the dates. These are not professional recordings though; they were taped from radio by me and others, and they are of varying quality, incomplete, or were edited or re-recorded later to remove Ad Visser's voice in between the music.
If you happen to have tapes that aren't presented here, or you find links that don't work any more, please contact me too. I can use all the feedback I can get!

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Album(s) played Comments
source: ScDM-02-01-1978.flac1978-01-02
54 min
Blow Out - Blow Out
Alive Again

Kayak - Starlight Dancer
Starlight Dancer Daughter or Son Irene Golddust May Dead Bird Flies Forever Sweet Revenge Where Do We Go from Here?

Blow Out - Blow Out
Watching Everybody Else Tømmerløken Paper Flowers
source: ScDM-09-01-1978.flac1978-01-09
52 min
Tom Waits - Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affair Potter's Field

The Babys - Live at the Tower Theatre
Looking for Love Rodeo Wild Man If You've Got the Time I Believe in Love Give Me Your Love If You Could See Me Fly
And a fragment by Klaus Schulze
source: ScDM-16-01-1978.flac, SCDM-Peter_tape_6_kant_1.mp31978-01-16
53 min
Space - Deliverance
Air Force

Joni Mitchell - Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
Overture - Cotton Avenue Otis and Marlena The Tenth World Talk to Me Dreamland Don Juan's Reckless Daughter Paprika Plains

Space - Deliverance
Let Me Know the Wonder [fragm]
source: SCDM-Peter_tape_6_kant_1.mp3, Superclean Dreammachine Datum Onbekend.mp31978-01-23
47 min
Ashra - Blackouts
77 Slightly Delayed Midnight on Mars Don't Trust the Kids Blackouts Shuttle Cock Lotus
And some fragments by Klaus Schulze and Ad himself? Listen here
source: ScDM-30-01-1978.flac1978-01-30
54 min
The Police - Fall Out ⟦single⟧
Fall Out
Elton Motello - Pogo Pogo ⟦single⟧
Pogo Pogo
Ian Dury - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
Razzle in my Pocket
The Cortinas - Fascist Dictator ⟦single⟧
Television Families
The Saints - Erotic Neurotic ⟦single⟧
One Way Street
Chelsea - Right to Work ⟦single⟧
Right to Work
Mink DeVille - Live at CBGB's - The Home of Underground Rock
Let Me Dream If I Want to Change It Comes Cadillac Moon
Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
The Only Ones - Lovers of Today ⟦single⟧
Lovers of Today
The Models - Freeze / Man of the Year ⟦single⟧
Sham 69 - I Don't Wanna ⟦single⟧
I Don't Wanna
The Stranglers - No More Heroes
No More Heroes Bitching
999 - Nasty, Nasty ⟦single⟧
Nasty, Nasty
Punk Hour.
Punk en New Wave te geef.
source: ScDM-06-02-1978.flac1978-02-06
53 min
Gerry Rafferty - City to City
Matty's Rag

Intergalactic Touring Band - Intergalactic Touring Band
Approach (Overture) Silver Lady Universal Zoo / Why? Starship Jingle Heartbreaker Reaching Out First Landing Space Commando Robot Salesman Love Station A Planet Called Monday / Epilogue Keeper Keep Us
source: ScDM-13-02-1978.flac1978-02-13
52 min
Kevin Coyne - Dynamite Daze
Woman, Woman, Woman

Edgar Froese - Ages
Metropolis Pizarro and Atahuallpa Era of the Slaves Nights of Automatic Women Icarus Tropic of Capricorn [fragm]
source: scdm-Peter-tape 14-kant1.mp31978-02-20
37 min
Gordon Giltrap - Perilous Journey
To the High Throne Vision Quest The Deserter Morbio Gorge

Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus
Day or Night Mercenary Territory Rocket in my Pocket Spanish Moon

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Watch (?)
Chicago Institute
Not sure if MM was from the ScDM
source: ScDM-27-02-1978.flac1978-02-27
53 min
Kate Bush - The Kick Inside
James and the Cold Gun Oh to Be In Love Them Heavy People

Be Bop Deluxe - Drastic Plastic
Electrical Language New Precision New Mysteries Surreal Estate Love in Flames Panic in the World Dangerous Stranger Possession Islands of the Dead Visions of Endless Hopes
+ bits of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
source: scdm-Peter-tape 14-kant2.mp31978-03-06
56 min
Bob Weir - Heaven Help the Fool
Wrong Way Easy to Slip

The Tubes - What Do You Want from Live
Overture Got Yourself a Deal Show Me a Reason What Do You Want From Life Crime Medley I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk I Saw Her Standing There White Punks on Dope
and more Close Encounters.
source: ScDM-13-03-1978.flac1978-03-13
45 min
Jim Capaldi - The Contender
Elixer of Life The Contender

Tangerine Dream - Cyclone
Bent Cold Sidewalk Rising Runner Missed by Endless Sender Madrigal Meridian
source: ScDM-20-03-1978.flac1978-03-20
45 min
Wreckless Eric - Wreckless Eric
Grown Ups Rough Kids Personal Hygiene Brain Thieves There Isn't Anything Else

Frank Zappa - Zappa in New York
Sofa Manx Needs Woman The Black Page Drum Sole/Black Page#1 Black Page #2 Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me? The Illinois Enema Bandit The Purple Lagoon
source: scdm-Peter-tape 14-kant2.mp31978-03-27
46 min
Lou Reed - Street Hassle
I Wanna Be Black Street Hassle

Michael Hoenig - Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Hanging Garden Transfer Voices of Where Sun and Moon Departure from the Northern Wasteland
source: ScDM-03-04-1978.flac1978-04-03
52 min
Patti Smith Group - Easter
Space Monkey Ghost Dance Babelogue Rock N Roll Nigger 25th Floor High On Rebellion Easter

Jethro Tull - Heavy Horses
….And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps Acres Wild Heavy Horses Rover Moths Journeyman
High on rebellion.

50 min
Eela Craig - Hats of Glass
(Remove Another Hat of Glass and You Could Easily Find Assorted Kinds of) Cheese Heaven Sales Holstenwall Fair

Lenny White - Lenny White Presents the Adventures of Astral Pirates
Prelude: Theme for Astral Pirates [fragm] Pursuit Mandarin Warlord The Great Pyramid Prelude [fragm] Revelation Stew, Cabbage and Galactic Beans Heavy Metal Monster Assault Climax: Theme for Astral Pirates
51 min
Lothar Siems & Walter Quintus - Der Führer (Rock Opera)
Ouvertüre - The Pact Führer Wanted Listen to Me Here I Am Magic Man Beware of Him He Can't Be Bad King of the World What a Man III. Reich Theme Burning of the Books Dying Day Berlin, Berlin Stalingrad Total War Pied Piper Führerbunker (Ad Visser remix)
49 min
Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance
Non-alignment Pact The Modern Dance Laughing Life Stinks

Kraftwerk - The Man-Machine
The Robots Spacelab Metropolis The Model Neon Lights The Man Machine
53 min
Quartz - Quartz

Television - Adventure
Glory Foxhole Carried Away The Fire Ain't That Nothin' The Dream's Dream

Tys van Leer - Nice to Have Met You
Hocus Pocus My Sweetheart Nice to Have Met You (Concrete)

Charlie Mike Sierra - On the Moon
Venus [fragm]
40 min
Alan Stivell - Raok Dilestra (Before Landing)
Britons Exile to Armorica Rouantelezh Vreizh (The Breton Kingdom) Dugelezh Vreizh (The Breton Duchy) The Union Pact Emsawadegou (Revolts) The French Revolution and the 19th Century 20th Century - Part 1 Eil Lodenn An Ugentwed Kantwed (20th Century - Part 2) Tamm-Kreiz New' (New Middle Part) Plinn (Slogan) Marw Ewid E Fobl (Dead for His People) (To Yann Kel) Gwriziad Diffenet (Forbidden Roots) Naw Breton Ba' Prizon (Nine Bretons In Jail)
And another fragment by Charlie Mike Sierra
1978-05-15 Charlie Mike Sierra - On the Moon
43 min
Kevin Ayers - Rainbow Takeaway
Beware of the Dog II Hat Song Blaming It All on Love Ballad of a Salesman Who Sold Himself A View from the Mountain Rainbow Takeaway

Genesis - ...And Then There Were Three...
Down and Out Burning Rope Deep in the Motherlode Follow You Follow Me
partially from SCDM-Wakeman_King_Arthur.mp31978-05-29
31 min
Herman Brood - Shpritsz
Dope Sucks One Doin' It Hit Skid Row

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Performs the Best Known Works of Rick Wakeman
The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table The Six Wives of Henry VIII Journey to the Centre of the Earth: The Journey (partially)
46 min
Anthony Phillips - Wise After the Event
We're All As We Lie Birdsong and Reprise Moon Shooter Wise After the Event Pulling Faces Regrets Greenhouse Now What (Are They Doing to My Little Friends?)
orig filename was SCDM1978-06-19.mp31978-06-19
36 min
Massada - Astaganaga
Tim Blake - Crystal Machine
Midnight [end] Metro Logic Last Ride of the Boogie Child Synthese Intemporel Crystal Presence [fragm]
(only contains Tim Blake)
30 min
Graham Parker - Heat Treatment
Camel - A Live Record
The Snow Goose Friendship Migration Rhayader Alone Flight of the Snow Goose Preparation Dunkirk Epitaph La Princesse Perdue
and fragm by Tim Blake; see above
(only contains Camel)
source: scdm-Peter-tape 15-kant1.mp31978-07-03
51 min
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Rock Drill
Booids Who Murdered Sex? Dolphins Rock Drill

Adrian Wagner - The Last Inca
Virgins of the Sun Rain Forest Manco Capac Titicaca Chasquis Building Blocks Sacrifice The Burning Man at the Spanish Steps Eldorado
source: scdm-Peter-tape 15-kant1/2.mp31978-07-10
36 min
Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant
Thank You (instrumental) Black Silk Stocking Lola C Rock What For Wanderlust Lycee Mandoia Thank You
source: scdm-Peter-tape 15-kant2.mp31978-07-17?
44 min
Aphrodite's Child - 666
The System Babylon All the Seats Were Occupied Ofis Seven Trumpets Altamont The Wedding of the Lamb The Lamb [fragm] The Seventh Seal Aegian Sea Seven Bowls
Date not certain, please confirm
source: scdm-Peter-tape 15-kant2.mp31978-07-24?
40 min
Suicide - Suicide

Mandré - Mandré Two
Light Years (Opus IV) Doing Nothing, Nothing Doing

Suicide - Suicide
Ghost Rider Rocket U.S.A. Johnny Girl Frankie Teardrop

Vangelis - Beaubourg

Atoll - Tertio
Gae Lowe (Le Duel)
Date not certain, please confirm
source: SCDM-Peter_Tape_2_kant_1.mp31978-07-31
48 min
Edgar Froese - Ages
Era of the Slaves [end]

Steve Hillage - Green
Sea-Nature Ether Ships Musick of the Trees Palm Trees (Love Guitar) Unidentified (Flying Being) U.F.O. Over Paris Leylines to Glassdom Crystal City Activation Meditation The Glorious Om Riff
47 min
John Martyn - One World
Dealer One World Smiling Stranger Big Muff Small Hours

Patrick Vian - Bruits et Temps Analogues
Sphère Grosse Nacht Musik Old Vienna Oreknock Tunnel 4, Red Noise R & B Degenerit !
50 min
John McLaughlin - Electric Guitarist
New York on My Mind Friendship

Pousette-Dart Band - Live at Sigma Sound
Intro / What Can I Say Winterness Who's That Knockin' Yaicha Dancer All Your Lonely Hours / What You Need Amnesia

John McLauglin - Electric Guitarist
Every Tear from Every Eye [fragm]
source: SCDM-Peter_tape_2_kant_2.mp31978-08-21?
36 min
David Gilmour - David Gilmour
There's No Way Out of Here

Eberhard Schoener - Flashback
Trans-AM Why Don't You Answer Only the Wind Powerslide Flashback Epilogue Rhine Bow Loreley
2 min
Van Der Graaf Generator - Vital
Osamu Kitajima - Osamu
Fur, Fin and Feather

Only contains Osamu.
50 min
Tuff Darts - Tuff Darts!
Rats Phone Booth Man My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms Love and Trouble Slash

Bim - Thistles
High and Mighty Ironbelly Thistles

Jean-Luc Ponty - Cosmic Messenger
Puppet's Dance Fake Paradise Egocentric Molecules Don't Let the World Pass You By I Only Feel Good with You
47 min
Annette Peacock - X-Dreams
Don't Be Cruel Real and Defined Androgens My Mama Never Taught Me How to Cook

Bryan Ferry - The Bride Stripped Bare
Sign of the Times Can't Let Go When She Walks In the Room Take Me to the River What Goes On This Island Earth Carrickfergus
partially from SupercleanDreammachineTape.mp31978-09-18
14 min
Bad quality!
Daryl Hall & John Oates - Along the Red Ledge
It's a Laugh Melody for a Memory Serious Music

Edgar Froese - Ages (?)
Tropic of Capricorn [fragm]

Klaus Schulze - ”X”.
Frank Herbert [fragm]
38 min
Klaatu - Sir Army Suit
A Routine Day Juicy Lucy Older Everybody Took a Holiday Dear Christine Mister Manson Tokeymor Field Perpetual Motion Machine Chérie Silly Boys (Ad Visser remix)
45 min
Gentle Giant - Giant for a Day
Giant for a Day Words from the Wise No Stranger

Jan Duindam - Thoughts
Happiness and Tears The Loner

Alain Markusfeld - Platock
Platock Concerto-2e Mouvement Platock Concerto-4e Mouvement [fragm]

Camel - Breathless
Echoes [end] Summer Lightning You Make Me Smile The Sleeper
and bits of Conrad Schnitzler - Con
12 min
Ultravox - Systems of Romance

Andy Mackay - Resolving Contradictions
Iron Blossom The Loyang Tractor Factory Rivers

Alain Stivell - Raok Dilestra - Before Landing
(only contains Andy Mackay)
5 min
Santana - Inner Secrets
The Facts of Love

Godley & Creme - L
This Sporting Life Foreign Accents Hit Factory

Radio Stars - Holiday Album
(contains only fragments)
28 min
Paul Stanley
It's Alright Goodbye

Peter Criss
I'm Gonna Love You

Ace Frehley
Speedin' Back to My Baby

Gene Simmons
Radioactive Burning Up with Fever Tunnel of Love

Synergy - Cords
Phobos and Deimos Go to Mars: Deimos

Steve Hillage
De KISS solo projecten!

and bits of Brian Eno - Music for films

(but doesn't contain Steve Hillage)
42 min
Hawklords - 25 Years On
The Only Ones Psi Power Freefall Automotion 25 Years

Lene Lovich - Stateless
Lucky Number

Richard Wright - Wet Dream
Waves Holiday Drop It from the Top Funky Deux
8 min
Barclay James Harvest - XII

Beaugarde - Solo Mortale

Flairck - Variaties op een Dame
(only contains Beaugarde)
source: Sc9C-1ab+ScDM - Band 13 - kant B.flac1978-11-13
47 min
Queen - Jazz
Bicycle Race Fat Bottomed Girls

Dr. Feelgood - Private Practice
Sugar Shaker [b] Take a Tip Night Time

Queen - Jazz
Mustapha If You Can't Beat Them Let Me Entertain You Dead On Time Fun It Leaving Home Ain't Easy More of That Jazz
43 min
Meat Loaf - Live at My Father's Place
Bat out of Hell You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Jan Akkerman - Live (Montreux Jazz Festival 1978)
Skydancer Pavane
and a snippet of Equinoxe
44 min
Fabulous Poodles - Unsuitable
Chicago Boxcar (Boston Back) Mirror Star Oh Cheryl Toy Town People

Rainbow Train - Accompanied By
Good Morning Bad Day

Final Offspring - The Destruction of Mundhora
Lazer Force Control (The Destruction of Mundhora) [end] Escape (Speed of Light) Conquest of Mundhora Robot's Orders Message
source: Superclean Dream Machine (1978-12-04).wav1978-12-04
26 min
Ambrosia - Life Beyond L.A.
Life Beyond L.A.

Parliament - Motor Booty Affair
Mr. Wiggles Aqua Boogie Deep

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Babylon by Bus
Positive Vibration
source: scdm_-_17b-_fertig_192.mp31978-12-11
19 min
Nina Hagen
Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe
Equinoxe Part 5 (bit of a remix) Equinoxe Part 6 Equinoxe Part 7 Equinoxe Part 8
← Probably this one, but not sure.
Only contains JMJ.
1978-12-18? Tim Blake - Blake's New Jerusalem
New Jerusalem