Superclean Dreammachine broadcasts in 1973
Mondays between 22:02 and 22:55
No broadcasts on 10 and 24 December

1972 ←


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The majority of the albums can still be purchased via online shops like Bol.com; I've included a link to the appropriate pages in those cases. If not, I have tried to find pages about the albums that give the most information. If you have more information than is presented here (such as broadcast dates for the ones I'm not sure of), or if you notice something wrong with the information, please let me know.

Many of the broadcasts can be downloaded, by clicking on the dates. These are not professional recordings though; they were taped from radio by me and others, and they are of varying quality, incomplete, or were edited or re-recorded later to remove Ad Visser's voice in between the music.
If you happen to have tapes that aren't presented here, or you find links that don't work any more, please contact me too. I can use all the feedback I can get!

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Album(s) played Comments
Orig filename was 73-03-xx-04-Derek & The Dominos.mp31973-03-05?
25 min
Derek & The Dominos in Concert
Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad? Got to Get Better in a Little While
Unknown broadcast dates. Can anyone help?
Orig filename was 73-03-xx-05-Electric Light Orchestra; Gong.mp31973-03-19?
39 min
Electric Light Orchestra - ELO 2

Daevid Allen and Gong - Glastonbury Fayre Festival
Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash and Fresh Fest Footprint in My Memory
and a fragment by King Crimson, mixed with more Gong
Orig filename was 73-03-xx-06-Beck, Bogert & Appice; Man.mp31973-03-26?
35 min
Beck, Bogert & Appice - Beck, Bogert & Appice
Livin' Alone Superstition Lady

Man - Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day
C'me On Keep on Crinting
Orig filename was 73-04-16-07-Johnny Winter; Blue Öyster Cult; Hawkwind; Panthéon.mp31973-04-16
54 min
Johnny Winter - Still Alive and Well
Let it Bleed Cheap Tequila All Tore Down Rock & Roll

Blue Öyster Cult - Tyranny and Mutation
7 Screaming Diz-Busters Hot Rails to Hell

Hawkwind - Glastonbury Fayre Festival
Silver Machine and Welcome

Panthéon - Orion
Orion (incomplete)
Orig filename was 73-04-23-08-Jo' Burg Hawk; Genesis.mp31973-04-23
55 min
JoBurg Hawk - Africa She Too Can Cry
African Day Suite

Genesis - Live in Leicester (test pressing)
Supper Is Ready
← The band was named Hawk, but
called itself JoBurg Hawk in Europe
Orig filename was 73-04-30-09-Sharks; Atomic Rooster; John McLaughlin.mp31973-04-30
51 min
Sharks - First Water
Driving Sideways Broke a Feeling Steal Away Follow Me

Atomic Rooster - In Hearing Of

Atomic Rooster - Made in England
Time Take My Life

John McLaughlin - Devotion
Dragon Song Devotion
Orig filename was 72-07-xx-01-Genesis.mp31973-07-04?
10 min
Genesis - Live
Get 'Em Out By Friday
Orig filename was 73-08-xx-10-Steve York's Camelo Pardalis; Santana-McLaughlin.mp31973-08-06?
39 min
Camelo Pardalis - Manor Live
Hey God Slidin' Sideways Do What You Feel

Santana & McLaughlin - Love Devotion Surrender
The Life Devine Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord
Orig filename was 73-08-xx-11-Rabbit; Cat Stevens.mp31973-08-27?
32 min
Rabbit - Broken Arrows
Music Is the Answer I Don't Mind Ergot Blues My Guitar

Cat Stevens - Foreigner
Foreigner Suite
Orig filename was 73-09-xx-12-Bronco; Back Door; Gila.mp31973-09-17?
34 min
Bronco - Smoking Mixture
Steal That Gold Tell Me Why Strange Awakening

Back Door - Back Door
Backdoor (or, Slivadiv) Turning Point (or, Folksong)

Gila - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
In a Sacred Manner
← Names of songs are not certain. Sources disagree.
Orig filename was 73-10-08-13-Spirogyra; Hawkwind.mp31973-10-08
51 min
Spirogyra - Bells, Boots and Shambles
Parallel Lines Never Separate The Furthest Point In the Western World

Hawkwind - Space Ritual
7 by 7 Sonic Attack Time We Left This World Today Master of the Universe Welcome to the Future
Orig filename was 73-10-29-14-Chris Jagger; John Mayall; Faust.mp31973-10-29
55 min
Chris Jagger - You Know the Name But Not the Face
Let Me Down Easy

John Mayall - Ten Years Are Gone
Introduction Sitting Here Thinking Dark of the Night

Faust - Faust IV
Just a Second (Starts Like That!) Picnic on a Frozen River, Deuxieme Tableaux Giggy Smile
Orig filename was 73-11-xx-15-Kraftwerk.mp31973-11-19?
26 min
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian
Tanzmusik Ananassymphonie Kristallo