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Het merendeel van de gedraaide albums zijn nog steeds te koop via online winkels zoals bol.com; indien mogelijk heb ik daarvoor een link toegevoegd. Zo niet, dan heb ik geprobeerd een pagina te vinden met de meeste informatie over het album.
Als je meer informatie hebt dan hier wordt weergegeven (zoals uitzenddatums die ik niet zeker weet), of als je merkt dat er iets mis is met de informatie, laat me dat dan weten.

Veel uitzendingen zijn te downloaden door op de datum te klikken. Dit zijn echter geen professionele opnames; ze zijn door mij en anderen van de radio opgenomen en ze zijn van wisselende kwaliteit, onvolledig, of zijn later bewerkt of opnieuw opgenomen om de stem van Ad Visser tussen de muziek weg te halen.
Neem contact met me op als je banden hebt die hier niet worden weergegeven, of als je links tegenkomt die niet meer werken. Ik kan alle feedback gebruiken die ik kan krijgen!

Verberg titels van nummers

Gedraaide platen Opmerkingen
bron (deels): 03 Thema 03.mp31979-01-08
26 min
Patrick Moraz - III
Duncan Browne - The Wild Places
Camino Real (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

Kayak - Phantom of the Night
Crime of Passion Ruthless Queen The Poet and the One Man Band No Man's Land Phantom of the Night
(bevat geen Patrick Moraz)
partially from Band 030 006 onbekend scdm.mp31979-01-15
42 min
Phil Manzanera - K-Scope
N-Shift Walking Through Heaven's Door K-Scope Cuban Crises Hot Spot

Gordon Giltrap - Fear of the Dark
Roots (Parts One and Two) Fear of the Dark Visitation Inner Dream
46 min
Stillwater - I Reserve the Right!
Women (Beautiful Woman)

Arlyn Gale - Back to the Midwest Night
Back to the Midwest Night Halfway to Hell Tiger on the Lawn She's Alright Take the Night Flight

Ronnie Laws - Flame
These Days Flame Joy Grace [fragm]
1979-01-29 Herbie Hancock - Feets Don't Fail Me Now
George Duke - Follow the Rainbow
Steve Hillage - Live Herald
Electrick Gypsies 1988 Aktivator New Age Synthesis (Unzipping the Zype)

(Opmerking: Ad draaide nummers van de Studio Side van
Live Herald, die later terechtkwam op de heruitgave van Open.)
46 min
Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure
Cloudburst Flight

Triumvirat - À la Carte
A Bavarian in New York I Don't Even Know Your Name (Oh, I'm) Late Again Original Soundtrack from the Movie "O.T.S.I.D."

Horslips - The Man Who Built America
The Man Who Built America Homesick Letters from Home Loneliness

Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure
Force Majeure [fragm]
partially from TD _ Thru metamorphic rock.mp31979-02-12
41 min
Jan Park Band - Jan Park Band
Don't Let It Slip Away Stranger Running Wild

Peter C. Johnson - Peter C. Johnson (1978)
Catch a Falling Star Sandman Happy in Our Own World

Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure
Thru Metamorphic Rock

Peter C. Johnson - Peter C. Johnson (1978)
bron: SuperCleanDreamMachine incl. Fallen Angel.mp3+Band 033 003/004 onbekend code DOF scdm.mp31979-02-19
18 min
Phil May & The Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels

The Marc Tanner Band - No Escape
Kraan - Flyday
You're Right Ausflug [fragm] Gayu Gaya Ausflug [fragm]
(Bevat geen Marc Tanner)
1979-02-26 Roxy Music - Manifesto
Gary Wright - Headin' Home
47 min
George Benson - Livin' Inside Your Love
Love Ballad

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Angel Station
Don't Kill It Carol Angels at My Gate You Are - I Am Waiting for the Rain

Bad Company - Desolation Angels
She Brings Me Love Gone, Gone, Gone Evil Wind Early in the Morning Rock & Roll Fantasy
17 min
The Tubes - Remote Control
Telecide Turn Me On I Want It All Now

Janne Schaffer - Earmeal
It's Never Too Late

Chris de Burgh - Crusader
Crusader Carry On The Devil's Eye
(Bevat geen CdB)
partially from scdm_31ab_fertig_192.mp31979-03-19
53 min
UK - Danger Money
Nothing to Lose Danger Money Rendez-Vous 6.02 Caesar's Palace Blues The Only Thing She Needs

Munich - Munich
Music Is My Destiny Used to Be a Lover Hero in His Home Town Grow Baby Grow

UK - Danger Money
Carrying No Cross [fragm]
bron: scdm_32ab_fertig_192.mp31979-03-26
50 min
Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!
One More Time Sunday Papers

Vangelis - China
Chung Kuo The Long March The Dragon The Tao of Love The Little Fete Yin & Yang Chung Kuo The Long March [fragm] Himalaya
bron: scdm_-_6a-_fertig_192.mp31979-04-02
58 min
Bram Tchaikovsky - Strange Man, Changed Man
Robber Strange Man, Changed Man Lonely Dancer I'm the One That's Leaving Girl of My Dreams

Jean-Luc Ponty - Live
Mirage No Strings Attached Egocentric Molecules Aurora (pt II) Imaginary Voyage (pt IV) (2×?)
bron: scdm_-_16a-_fertig_192.mp31979-04-09
57 min
John Mayall - Bottom Line
Bottom Line Desert Flower I'm Gonna Do It Come with Me

Eloy - Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes
Astral Entrance Master of Sensation The Apocalypse Pilot to Paradise De Labore Solaris
en fragmenten van Jean-Michel Jarre
bron: SCDM 5 - 1978 1979.mp31979-04-16
51 min
Ultravox - Systems of Romance
Quiet Men Dislocation Maximum Acceleration Slow Motion

Andy Mackay - Resolving Contradictions
Iron Blossom The Loyang Tractor Factory Rivers

Michael Hoenig - Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Departure from the Northern Wasteland Voices of Where
Dit is niet de MP3 die elders op het web staat; die is van 1980-04-07 (zie 1980).
En fragmenten van Conrad Schnitzler en Michel Magne
Ad zegt "luister vanmiddag", dus dit was deels een herhaling.
bron: Super Clean Dream Machine 23-4-'79.mp31979-04-23
58 min
Dixie Dregs - Night of the Living Dregs
Punk Sandwich Night of the Living Dregs The Bash Leprechaun Promenade

Michel Magne - Éléments: La Terre
Planètes et Forêts Terre Blessée Planète Alpha II Signaux Codes Non Identifiés Trip Psychiatrique Plane Eros I [gemixt met Signaux Codes Non Identifiés]
bron: scdm_-_26ab_-_fertig_192_.mp31979-04-30
58 min
Robert Fripp - Exposure
Breathless Water Music I [fragm] Exposure Haaden Two Urban Landscape I May Not Have Had Enough of Me But I've Had Enough of You Water Music I Here Comes the Flood Water Music II Preface You Burn Me Up I'm a Cigarette Disengage North Star

Patti Smith Group - Wave
Wave Dancing Barefoot Frederick

Robert Fripp - Exposure
Water Music II Postscript
bron: SCDM_-_16b_-_fertig_192.mp31979-05-07
43 min
Lou Reed - The Bells
Ashra - Correlations
Ice Train Club Cannibal Oasis Bamboo Sands Morgana da Capo Pas de Trois Phantasus
Bevat alleen Ashra
(en fragmenten van Can)
was scdm_-_17b-_fertig_192.mp31979-05-14
32 min
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Do It Yourself
Rick Wakeman - Rhapsodies
The Flasher The Pulse March of the Gladiators Pedra de Gavea Stand-By Big Ben Flacons de Neige
Bevat alleen Rick Wakeman
50 min
Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick
Garden of Paradise

J.J. Burnel - Euroman Cometh
Euroman Jellyfish Freddie Laker (Concorde & Eurobus) Euromess Deutschland Nicht Über Alles Do the European Tout Comprendre Eurospeed (Your Own Speed)
bron: scdm-Peter-tape 13-kant2.mp31979-05-28
48 min
Peter Frampton - Where I Should Be
Everything I Need I Can't Stand It No More Got My Feet Back on the Ground We've Just Begun You Don't Know Like I Know

Stranglers - Live (X-Cert)
Straighten Out Curfew Do You Wanna? Death and Night and Blood (Yukio) 5 Minutes Go Buddy Go (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
28 min
Joe Egan - Out of Nowhere
Sky - Sky
Westway Carillon Danza Gymnopédie No 1 Cannonball Where Opposites Meet
(bevat alleen Sky)
bron: Who Knows 10.mp3, Who Knows 11.mp31979-06-11
12 min
Dire Straits - Communiqué
Murray Head - Between Us
Wintergarden - Wintergarden
Josephine The Way We Were
(bevat alleen Wintergarden)
bron: scdm_-_18a-_fertig_192.mp31979-06-18
58 min
Nick Lowe - Labour of Lust
Love So Fine Switchboard Susan

Doucette - The Douce Is Loose
Run Buddy Run Someday Before I Die

Telex - Looking for St-Tropez
Something to Say Café de la Jungle [fragm] Victime de la Société Twist à St Tropez Moskow Diskow Pakmoväst Café de la Jungle Ça Plane Pour Moi Some Day - Un Jour
22 min
Persephony - To Those Who Loved Us
Grandiose Pantomime (Yesterday te Wait)

Metro - New Love
Woman Zone New Love

ELP - Love Beach
Love Beach

Persephony - To Those Who Loved Us
Jennys Face

L.A. Express - Shadow Play
Mad Drums and Englishman
partially from scdm-Peter-tape 23-kant1/2.mp31979-07-02?
53 min
B-52's - B-52's
Rock Lobster Lava

Magazine - Secondhand Daylight
Feed the Enemy Rhythm of Cruelty Cut-Out Shapes Talk to the Body I Wanted Your Heart The Thin Air Back to Nature Believe That I Understand Permafrost
en fragmenten van Conrad Schnitzler
Deel 1, 10 min
Deel 2? 12 min
Stanley Clarke - I Wanna Play for You
Jamaican Boy My Greatest Hits Strange Weather I Wanna Play for You

Blue Öyster Cult?
Nick Gilder - Frequency
Worlds Collide Hold on Me Tonight
Opmerking: datum van deel 2 is niet zeker;
misschien verschillende uitzendingen
38 min
Devo - Duty Now for the Future
Devo Corporate Anthem Clockout Timing X / Space Junk Wiggly World Blockhead Strange Pursuits S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) Triumph of the Will The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize Pink Pussycat Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA Red-Eye Express
52 min
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra
Computer Game (Theme from The Circus)

Tubeway Army - Are “Friends” Electric? ⟦single⟧
Are “Friends” Electric?

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra

Peter Baumann - Trans Harmonic Nights
Biking Up the Strand

Tubeway Army - Are “Friends” Electric? ⟦single⟧
We Are So Fragile

Peter Baumann - Trans Harmonic Nights
Phaseday The Third Site Dance at Dawn
Tot volgende week!
23 min
Tim Curry - Fearless
Paradise Garage No Love on the Street Charge It Something Short of Paradise

Magnum - Kingdom of Madness
All Come Together

Jade Warrior - Way of the Sun
River Song
bron: scdm_-_18b-_fertig_192.mp31979-08-06
55 min
Radiators - Ghostown
Song of the Faithful Departed Dead the Beast, Dead the Poison

Mike Oldfield - Exposed
Incantations I - IV Guilty
bron: scdm-Peter-tape 24.mp31979-08-13?
17 min
The Reds - The Reds
Lookout Luxury Self Reduction

Ellen Foley - Nightout
(Bevat geen Ellen Foley)
bron: 20Aug1979.mp31979-08-20
23 min
Eberhard Schoener - Video-Magic
Octagon Video-Magic [fragm] Koan

Moon Martin - Escape From Domination
(Bevat geen Moon Martin)
partially from SUPERCLEAN DREAMMACHINE TEASE The good years are comming.MP31979-08-27
34 min
Teaze - One Night Stands
Through the Years

Tubeway Army - Replicas
Me! I Disconnect from You Praying to the Aliens Down in the Park Replicas It Must Have Been Years I Nearly Married a Human

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Champagne Jam
I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight [fragm]
bron: SCDM_-_16b_-_fertig_192.mp3 of scdm_-_17a-_fertig_192.mp31979-09-03
58 min
Anthony Phillips - Sides
Um & Aargh Nightmare

Louis Clark - (Per-spek-tiv) n.
Part I Part II [eind] Part II [begin]

[onbekend] - -

← Wat is dit? Luister hier
bron: scdm_-_28ab.fertig_192.mp31979-09-10
57 min
J. Kühn Band - Don't Stop Me Now
Groundshaker Step Right Up On the Mirror Time Out

Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage (Act I)
Central Scrutinizer Joe's Garage Catholic Girls Crew Slut Fembot in a Wet T-Shirt On the Bus Why Does it Hurt When I Pee? Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up Scrutinizer Postlude
22 min
Prism - Armageddon
Night to Remember You Walked Away Again Armageddon Mirror Man

The Alan Parsons Project - Eve
(bevat alleen Prism)
5 min
Klaus Schulze - Dune
Shadows of Ignorance

(Bevat geen Klaus Schulze)
← Wat is dit? Luister hier.
1979-10-01? The Korgis (?)
The Slits
Machiavel - Mechanical Moonbeams
13 min
Duncan Browne - Streets of Fire
Pere Ubu - New Picnic Time
Have Shoes, Will Walk (The Fabulous Sequel) 49 Guitars and One Girl A Small Dark Cloud Small Was Fast [fragm]
(bevat alleen Pere Ubu)
26 min
Sly & The Family Stone - Back on the Right Track
Rick Derringer - Guitars and Women
Human League - Reproduction
The Path of Least Resistance Morale…You've Lost That Loving Feeling Zero as a Limit Austerity / Girl One (Medley) Blind Youth The World Before Last Empire State Human
(bevat alleen HL)
34 min
Motels - Motels

Alain Markusfeld - Contemporus
Contemporus L’Oasis Sous les Étoiles [fragm] L’Âme Flottante Fiesta Atomikâ Il Pleut sur le Troisième Millénaire
36 min
Steve Hillage - Open
Don't Dither Do It The Fire Inside Earthrise Day After Day Open

Heldon - Stand By
50 min
Stevie Wonder's Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants
Earth's Creation

The Twinkeyz - Alpha Jerk
E.S.P. Twinkeyz Theme Wild Love

The Ruts - The Crack
Jah War It Was Cold Babylon's Burning

Cerrone - Brigade Mondaine
Générique Make-Up Générique (Fin) The Loft Strip-Tease Générique
bron: scdm_-_37a-_fertig_192.mp31979-11-19
48 min
Marianne Faithfull - Broken English
Broken English What's the Hurry Working Class Hero Why D'Ya Do It

Cowboys International - The Original Sin
Thrash Here Comes a Saturday M(emorie)62

Tomita - Daphnis et Chloé
Daphnis et Chloé Suite no. 2
en fragmenten van Conrad Schnitzler - Con
Ballet Statique
bron: scdm_-_42ab-_fertig_192.mp31979-11-26
52 min
Hauser Orkater - Zie de Mannen Vallen
Twang & Tweet Eddy Weep's Zie de Mannen Vallen Kop Op Henk Diep in de Jungle

Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage (Acts II & III)
Dong Work for Yuda A Token of My Extreme Stick it Out Watermelon in Easter Hay
(bevat niet alles van Hauser Okater)

en fragmenten van Conrad Schnitzler - Con
Electric Garden
bron: scdm_-_52a-_fertig_192.mp31979-12-03
16 min
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Godley & Creme - Freeze Frame
Freeze Frame Clues Mugshots
(bevat alleen G&C)
18 min
Mike Oldfield - Platinum
Baffo Banfi - Ma, Dolce Vita
Fantasia di un Pianeta Sconosciuto Astralunato
(bevat alleen BB)
11 min
Jefferson Starship - Freedom at Point Zero
Awakening Girl with the Hungry Eyes

Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor
(bevat alleen JS)
52 min
Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams - Nosferatu
Wrong Way Round Puppets Big Bug [incompleet] Losers In a Lost Land Irate Caterpillar

Mickie D's Unicorn
The Searcher In Times of the Unicorn The Witch Black Riders Little Red Riding Hood A: Elbereth West of the Moon
47 min
The Enid - Six Pieces
Sanctus The Dreamer Punch and Judy Man

Shades of Ian Hunter (The Ballad of Ian Hunter & Mott The Hoople)
Marionette All American Alien Boy Overnite Angels Golden Opportunity One of the Boys [fragm]